Unlocking Innovative Interactions: Exploring Nearby Interaction with UWB Technology

Unlocking Innovative Interactions: Exploring Nearby Interaction with UWB Technology

Discover new and thrilling ways for users to engage with connected accessories by harnessing the power of Ultra Wideband (UWB) technology available in compatible iPhone and Apple compatible accessories. The Nearby Interaction framework simplifies the integration of UWB into your applications and accessories.

Explore the latest features in Nearby Interaction by watching the "What’s new in Nearby Interaction" session from WWDC24.

For app developers:

Create apps that seamlessly interact with accessories simply by being in close proximity to an Apple UWB-enabled device. Leveraging UWB technology enables you to design more accurate and directionally aware app experiences. Refer to the framework documentation for detailed guidance.

For accessory manufacturers:

Utilize the Nearby Interaction accessory protocol alongside an MFi-certified UWB solution to produce accessories that can interact with UWB-enabled Apple products. Access the Nearby Interaction Accessory Protocol Specification for iOS 16 for comprehensive information.

For chipset vendors:

Chipset vendors looking to enable interoperability with Apple UWB technology in their UWB solutions should consider joining the FiRa Consortium and participating in the MFi Program. These memberships grant access to essential technical specifications and resources necessary for integration.


For customers:

Although UWB is not available for AceCard at this moment, UWB compatibility is now coming soon to AceCard. You will be able to precisely locate your AceCard if it is near you, just like an AirTag. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter on acecards.co to be up to date on all things Ace!

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