Discover 5 Innovative Ways to Utilize the New Find My Device Feature on Android

Discover 5 Innovative Ways to Utilize the New Find My Device Feature on Android

The latest Find My Device experience is here to simplify locating your lost Android devices and other belongings.

Today marks the global rollout of the all-new Find My Device on Android devices, beginning in the U.S. and Canada. Featuring a revamped network comprising over a billion Android devices, Find My Device ensures swift and secure retrieval of misplaced Android devices and everyday items. Here are five ways you can make the most of it: 

1. Track offline devices:

Easily locate your compatible Android phone and tablet by ringing them or viewing their location on a map within the app, even when they are offline. Additionally, Pixel 8 and 8 Pro users can find their devices even if they are powered off or the battery is dead, thanks to specialized Pixel hardware.

2. Manage everyday items with Bluetooth tags:

Starting in May, you can track everyday items like keys, wallets, or luggage using Bluetooth tracker tags from Ace integrated into the Find My Device app. These trackers, designed specifically for the Find My Device network, will also be compatible with unknown tracker alerts across Android and iOS platforms, providing added protection against unwanted tracking.

3. Locate nearby items:

Sometimes, the item you are searching for might be nearby. If you are in close proximity to your lost device but need assistance in locating it precisely, the "Find nearby" button will guide you to its hiding place. This feature will also extend to finding everyday items like wallets or keys once Bluetooth tags are available in May.

4. Identify devices at home with Nest:

Often, we misplace items like keys or phones within our homes. To address this, the Find My Device app now indicates a lost device's proximity to your home Nest devices, offering a convenient reference point for retrieval.

5. Share accessories with others:

Collaborate by sharing accessories with friends and family through the app. For example, share your house key with a roommate, your TV remote with a friend, or luggage with a travel buddy, facilitating easy coordination in case something goes missing.

Find My Device prioritizes security and privacy by default. The network incorporates multi-layered protections to safeguard your personal information and ensure control over connected devices. This includes end-to-end encryption of location data and aggregated device location reporting, a unique safety feature that enhances protection against unwanted tracking to private locations. Learn more about these protections and explore the compatibility of Find My Device with Android 9+ devices to leverage its full potential in locating lost devices or items. Stay tuned for upcoming software updates from JBL, Sony, and others, bringing their headphones into the Find My Device network soon.

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