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One Ridge Trading's Successful Collaboration with Ace: Introducing AceCard to Japan

ACE, One Ridge Trading, Makuake
In the world of crowdfunding, innovative ideas and partnerships often lead to groundbreaking success stories. One such success story unfolds with the collaboration between One Ridge Trading, a Japanese company with a passion for introducing unique products to the Japanese market, and Ace, a renowned company with a flagship product known as AceCard. This partnership brought the AceCard to Japan, marking a significant milestone for both companies and making waves in the Japanese crowdfunding scene.

The Genesis of the Collaboration

One Ridge Trading has made a name for itself by launching crowdfunding campaigns on the Japanese crowdfunding platform, Makuake. Their mission is clear: identify exceptional products and introduce them to the Japanese audience. It was in pursuit of this mission that One Ridge Trading crossed paths with Ace and their revolutionary product, the AceCard.

AceCard, an ultra-thin wallet tracker, had already made its mark in various international markets. However, the Japanese market presented a unique opportunity for Ace to expand its reach and provide Japanese consumers with a cutting-edge product. This is where One Ridge Trading stepped in.

Bringing AceCard to Japan

The collaboration between One Ridge Trading and Ace was a strategic move to introduce the AceCard to the Japanese market. The AceCard is a versatile product known for its innovation, functionality, and sleek design. With features tailored to modern lifestyles, such as an NFC digital business card feature, it promised to be a hit among Japanese consumers.

One Ridge Trading utilized the crowdfunding platform Makuake to launch the campaign for AceCard in Japan. This platform allowed them to gauge interest, gather support, and generate buzz around the product. The response from the Japanese audience was remarkable, indicating a strong demand for such a product in the market.

A Major Success

The launch of AceCard in Japan through the collaboration between One Ridge Trading and Ace can only be described as a major success. The crowdfunding campaign surpassed its initial goals on the first day of the campaign, demonstrating the enthusiastic response of Japanese consumers. The success of the campaign not only validated the potential of AceCard in Japan but also showcased the effectiveness of strategic partnerships in the world of crowdfunding.

Funds Raised

One Ridge Trading's collaboration with Ace to introduce the AceCard in Japan is a testament to the power of innovation, strategic partnerships, and the crowdfunding platform. It showcases how companies with a shared vision can come together to bring exceptional products to new markets, meeting the demands and preferences of consumers.

The campaign raised over 7.2M Japanese Yen and was funded in less than 24 hours. The reach of AceCard is just starting to touch and Japanese market and One Ridge is helping bring the vision to life. With an excellent campaign in the books, AceCard will only grow larger in Japan from here on out. 

In the dynamic world of crowdfunding, partnerships like this one remind us that the next big thing can be just around the corner, waiting to be discovered and embraced by an eager audience.


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