Looking For Your Wallet?

Looking For Your Wallet?

Ever reach into your pocket, only to find your wallet isn’t there? You’re not the only one!

After the Apple AirTag was launched, the most common question customers had was “Will you make one for the wallet too?” So we did!

Meet the new AceCard!

The new AceCard Spot also works exclusively with the Apple Find My network and Google Find My Device network, so when your wallet goes missing, hundreds of millions of friends can help you find it!

AceCard wallet tracker Apple find my app

Even better, the Find My app will alert you when you leave your wallet behind and enable you to play a sound and find it directly from your phone when you misplace it nearby.


What can the AceCard do?

The AceCard wallet tracker has a few excellent features, but the one we’re most proud of is that it can fit into every type of wallet without adding any extra bulk. The wallet finder is the same shape as a credit card and about twice as thick, so it will easily slip into even the smallest credit card wallet.

Once in there, it will help keep your wallet safe and accounted for with the features the Apple Find My app has to offer.

Here are all the features the Find My app offers to help you find your lost belongings:

Play Sound

When your Bluetooth wallet tracker is in connection range, you can make it ring by tapping the Play Sound button in the Find My app.

The AceCard Spot will be able to keep an active connection with the Find My app for up to 200 feet (60 meters), so will have no problem making your wallet play a sound whenever you misplace it somewhere nearby.

Notify When Left Behind

Enable this feature in the Find My app and you’ll get an alert on your iPhone whenever you leave your wallet behind.

When you tap on the notification, you’ll be able to see where you left the wallet with the AceCard inside. You can even set up locations where you don’t want to be notified, like your home or your office, so the app won’t send you alerts when you don’t need them.

See the location of your lost wallet on a map
You can see the last known location of your wallet on a map in the top half screen of the Find My app.

If the AceCard is in the connection range of your phone, the map will show the current location of your wallet.

If your wallet is out of Bluetooth range and you can no longer play a sound to find it, the map will display the last known location where your AceCard was still connected to your iPhone.

Notify When Found
If you ever leave your wallet behind and it’s not there when you return, you can turn on the Notify When Found feature and get a notification if another iOS device passes by your wallet with the AceCard inside.

The Notify When Found feature works independently from the Lost Mode feature and will allow you to see the updated location of your lost wallet even when Lost Mode isn’t enabled.

Lost Mode

If you ever lose your wallet, you can enable Lost Mode and display a message and a phone number or email address to anyone who might find it.

How do I add a AceCard Spot to the Apple Find My app?
Open the Find My app on your iPhone or iPad, tap + and "Add Other Item (+)".

While the Find My app is searching, press your AceCard once and you will hear a beep.

After the setup, you can locate your AceCard ONE Spot in the Find My app, under the Items tab at the bottom of the screen.

AceCard wallet finder find my network
Your wallet is one of the top 5 items you're most likely to lose
A lost wallet is something that happens to all of us, and the good news is, you don’t have to stress and spend precious time looking for it – you just need a AceCard Spot wallet tracker!

Slip the card-thin wallet tracker in your wallet and use your phone whenever you can't find it.

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