8 Affordable Gifts For Super-Forgetful Friends

8 Affordable Gifts For Super-Forgetful Friends
Looking for an affordable yet thoughtful gift for your forgetful friend? We've curated a list of 7 practical gifts that will help them keep track of their essentials effortlessly.

1. Wallet/Phone Case Combo:

Combine their wallet and phone in one convenient case, making it easier to keep track of important items.

2. Sofa Side Pocket Organizer:

Help them keep remote controls and other small items organized and within reach with a handy organizer for their sofa or chair arm.

3. Bluetooth Wallet Finder:

Ensure they never lose their wallet or keys again by gifting them a smart finder that works seamlessly. An ultra-thin wallet tracker like AceCard will get the job done for you. 

4. Self-Watering Pot or Watering Stakes:

Keep their plants hydrated even if they forget to water them regularly with self-watering pots or watering spikes.

5. Doormat Checklist:

Give them a friendly reminder before they leave the house with a doormat checklist for essentials like keys, phone, and wallet.

6. Outlet Timer:

Help them save energy and prevent accidents with an outlet timer that automates on/off periods for appliances.

7. Magnetic Hairpin Holder:

Keep hairpins organized and easily accessible with a magnetic holder, solving the daily struggle of lost hairpins.

These practical gifts not only make life easier for your forgetful friend but also show that you care about their convenience and well-being.

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